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Reversing Receding Gums by Appreciating the Role of Saliva


Unless you brush your teeth with the vim and vigor of a near maniacal individual who does not know his own strength, the odds are good that any receding gums you might be noticing are not due to your brushing habits but instead are due to advancing gum disease. Oh sure, if you are like most other consumers, the odds are good that you use commercially available toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, and change your toothbrush religiously at the first signs of wear. The solution for reversing receding gums is not in most products.


Unfortunately, you might have also wondered why it appears that the more you floss and rinse, the faster the gums seem to recede and the worse your bad breath is actually becoming. You may wonder if it is possible to stop receding gums. This may lead you to do some internet research. Before long you are intrigued to learn that the gum disease, which has brought on your receding gums, is aided and abetted by the very substances you are using at home twice a day (at least) to fight it!


This of course leads to the startling revelation that reversing receding gums may be accomplished by eliminating the harsh chemicals that are causing it. In addition, you should instead start focusing on the use of more natural substances that are closer to the kind of dental care that fosters a naturally healthy oral cavity. Accomplishing this is as simple as understanding the role that saliva plays in the overall health of your mouth. Once you realize just how important this liquid is to the overall health of oral tissues and structures, you also understand that protecting it is a most important consideration that should not be taken lightly!


Reversing receding gums by realizing the role of saliva leads to the understanding that there are certain substances contained in commercially available mouthwashes and toothpastes that decrease the production of the liquid. Alcohol is a leading chemical that decreases saliva production, as is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Sadly, both of these chemicals are key ingredients in the majority of commercially available toothpastes, tooth whiteners, and mouthwashes.


Therefore, your daily oral hygiene regimen most likely is contributing to the decrease in saliva, which in turn is leading to a dryer mouth environment. Without the saliva present in sufficient quantity, bacteria flourish and take over, ultimately contributing to gum disease and receding gums. Before long, the gum lines are severely affected and the symptoms become increasingly dire. Reversing receding gums at this stage may be as simple as switching from the alcohol-based mouthwash you are using to a natural salt-and-warm-water rinse, which kills bacteria just as effective as alcohol. The alcohol-free mouthwash does not have the lasting drying effect.


Protecting your saliva further will also require you to investigate healthier toothpaste alternatives to the chemically-laden substances that are currently doing more harm than good. Some supermarkets already stock small quantities of such natural toothpastes, but once again the internet may be your best bet in ferreting out the kinds of substances that will keep your mouth healthy and actually help with reversing receding gums.